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WALK TALK DANCE SING "Unraveling My Hashimoto's Affair"
A Film by Donna-Lynne Larson


"The human energy crisis known as 'thyroid disease' is not asking us to create a more effective pill. It is asking us to create more effective people."  -- Donna-Lynne Larson, producer/writer/director, Walk Talk Dance Sing

Global Reaction:
• "WOW! INCREDIBLE. This is a must-see film about Hashimoto's." - Dana Trentini,

• "WOW! Just wow! I felt so much watching this and quite frankly I haven't felt a lot in a long time." -thyroid patient

• "This film is amazing!! My Husband watched with me and he is stunned as to the truth to this film. Amazing portrayal!!" - thyroid patient

• "A powerful and captivating artistic portrayal of the Hashimoto's journey" -Dr. Wentz,

• "It is amazing, honest, REAL! A hell of a lot of courage, tenacity and conviction! Beautifully scored."- patient advocate

• "Wow this made me cry! Thank you, I know I'm not alone."- thyroid patient

"This documentary has an amazing way about bringing out the emotions many of us feel with Hashimoto's, as well as the transformative process that happens as we find our own way with the condition. " 

Feedback from viewers around the globe:

Beautiful Vibes from Merryn, a viewer in Australia: 

"As a Mum of 4 with Hashimotos I absolutely agreed with every facet of your film! 

I was a Naturopath for 12 years and had Hashimotos the whole time. I was soooo brainfried bringing up 4 kids even I couldn't do what was right for me. So I just took the Thyroxine and did the best I could with diet etc. 

I gave up being a Naturopath because I felt like a total fraud, I was sicker than my patients!!

I had the knowledge but was so depleted I couldn't physically or mentally do what I needed to do for more than a few days at a time!

There is so much guilt that comes with this disease. I feel like I'm constantly apologizing for myself, which I know just shuts me down even more.

I am really coming to understand the depth of the effects of suppressed emotions and not speaking our truths on the physical body.

I totally agree that Women are suffering because our modern lifestyles and unrealistic ideas of what it is to be a Woman has caused a huge disconnect within ourselves.

Rediscovering my creativity and putting myself first without guilt is really helping me find balance.

Thank you for making this film, it made me feel less alone. I am recommending this to lots of my family (who also suffer) and friends. Xx"  

---Merryn, Murrayville, Victoria, AU

Also, to add: "I did try every endocrinologist, specialist etc. every natural supplement but at the end of the day I truly believe my true healing can only come from within. I'm learning to love myself back to health!!"

More feedback: 


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PS: Some informative fun at a film screening which took place in Squamish BC. 
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Here's the "Walk Talk Dance Sing" Soundtrack!: 

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Stay the Course

Lisa, student, Integral Movement Program with Donna-Lynne Larson,

Unraveling... and Reorganizing...

I have been committed to all of the modalities that I've adopted on my wellness path for several years. As much as I really wanted to see major changes overnight so I could get back to "the hectic busy lifestyle" that plays a part in all this un-wellness, I have found that it "takes time and discipline to unravel the layers"...

My journaling practice has been consistent for over 10 years, my yoga/movement/meditation practice has deepened/refined significantly over the last 20 years,  my food choices have shifted through education and much trial and error, likewise my "ingrained beliefs" have shifted over time, through wise counsel, somatic movement therapies, and expressive arts, and with much dedication:

I have had to become as dedicated to all the things that are of benefit to me as I was to the things that had been harming me.

I have had to let go of my biggest obstacle: my addiction to "noticeable quick fixes,"--which causes frustration and the tendency to fall back on comfortable unhealthy behaviors (and the tempting, but clearly out-dated, notion that we need only reach for a pill to feel better).

Instead, I've come to appreciate the fact that any time I adopt a helpful new action or discipline things do begin to change immediately, (things are ALWAYS changing). These are often subtle changes, and I am getting much better at sensing these changes as I connect more deeply and get more "in-tune."

I've learned that at different points I will run into a "healing crisis," where it will feel like I've taken one step forward, and suddenly two steps back. This is all part of the process.

This usually means that there is re-wiring, or some discharge--physically, mentally, emotionally and/or spiritually-- and this is happening in order to clear the way and allow me to re-set and reorganize.

I've learned that the setback is only temporary---progress does come and these subtle changes will start to make a noticeable difference as they deepen and add-up over time.

Every once in a while, an outside source will bring these changes into greater focus for me, as was the case when I ran into two former work-mates recently, whom I had not seen in over seven years. They both looked at me, listened to me, and said, "Wow, you are so calm, and clear. You are glowing."

I had no idea that I had moved into "the glow zone!"

So, yes, fresh new pathways do emerge.

Things glow again.


Photo credit: Sophie, "Unraveling," Integral Movement Program with Donna-Lynne Larson,​

Walk Talk Dance Sing is here  The movie about thyroid disease!

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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Is gluten really "the problem?"

Students participate in Integral Movement "Hashimoto's Workshop",
A good mull:

When I made this film, I had been investigating and really pondering DEEPLY the root of all that is Hashimoto's for many years. I did not want to hover over the surface and continue to present facts and figures about the things that were really a distraction from the goal: eradicating dis-ease.

So, of course, as with any Hashimoto's story, the question of gluten came up and needed to be addressed.

Is gluten a problem for thyroid patients?

Well, yes, it appears that IT IS. I know that I feel much better being off gluten. Many report the same thing. As well, TPO numbers drop dramatically for most. Inflammation eases up.

The body does indeed, for some bizarre reason, mistake gluten molecular structure as thyroid material and the attack response is kept alive.

(But really, everyone I know, even those who are not dealing with Hashimoto's, feels better off gluten!)

Is gluten really the culprit here?

Yes, it is.



 It didn't used to be a problem, at all.

And, it only exacerbates the already manifested dis-ease state. It does not CAUSE it. If it did, everyone I know would have thyroid disease!

Here's the scoop on the wheat/gluten issue, in a nutshell:

According to "Wheat Belly" author Dr. William Davis,

“This thing being sold to us called wheat—it ain’t wheat. It’s this stocky little high-yield plant, a distant relative of the wheat our mothers used to bake muffins, genetically and biochemically light-years removed from the wheat of just 40 years ago.”

And now scientists are starting to connect modern wheat with all manner of chronic digestive and inflammatory illnesses.

But the truth is: "Grain has been at the heart of humankind's diet for thousands of years. It is, in fact, the foundation of civilization: it cultivates easily, stores for years in kernel form, releasing its nutritional bounty when the seed is ground and prepared into fresh breads or porridges. This is how grains have been consumed over the millennia: stored in whole kernel form and milled fresh, full of life and nutrients."


"We have mutant seeds, grown in synthetic soil, bathed in chemicals. They're deconstructed, pulverized to fine dust, bleached and chemically treated to create a barren industrial filler that no other creature on the planet will eat. And we wonder why it might be making us sick?"   (More on the history of wheat here:

As per the deep core message of Walk Talk Dance Sing, (where you'll recall gluten gets mentioned but is not a major focus for good reason), "The call at this time is to tap into our feminine energy, and to speak up."

Mother Nature knows best.  She always has.

To deflect blame onto "gluten" and refuse to address the real "underlying" problem is not in our best interest, and does not ultimately MOVE US FORWARD (which, I'm sure you've noticed, is what really excites me!)

You see, gluten didn't suddenly go against us.

We went against it.

All in the name of "progress," of course.

"Up until the 1950s, bread had been made using sourdough leavening as the main technique, which would take up to a day to produce. This amount of time was necessary for the proper conditioning of the dough. With the advent of  bakery manufacturing facilities and mass-production of square (condensed) loaves of bread, the production time for bread had to be accelerated. It was discovered that the addition of certain chemicals and enzymes to the bread could shorten the process to two hours instead of the usual 12 to 24 hours." ( )

Ironically, in this "male-energy-driven-modern-industrialized" quest for faster and more efficient, we have, in many ways, become slower and more deficient.  (Case in point: Hashimoto's)

When Mother Nature goes out of whack, so do we -- as is evidenced by the autoimmune epidemic that has taken hold.

The big question is this:

If we do not address our underlying "wacky" value system as a society, and our enormous "need and greed" that allows for this ongoing toxic treatment and modification of food into "presto non-food!", and our denial of the female life-affirming intelligence, what will be the next "once safe and hearty" food that goes rogue and causes human distress?



"Your beliefs become your thoughts. Your thoughts become your words. Your words become your actions. Your actions become your habits. Your habits become your values. Your values become your destiny." --Mahatma Gandhi

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Sunday, January 3, 2016

A Daily Practice for Cultivating Vitality


Here is a very helpful tool for "dealing with discharge"...By "discharge" I am referring to the stuff we carry around that we might not want to see, or might not even know exists, having tucked it away somewhere. The problem with "burying stuff" is that it still exists in the body somewhere--and will wreak havoc on our well-being if we don't allow it to be expressed.

Journaling is an empowering emotional support system you can turn to at any time...It is about creating a strong, kind, insightful best-friendship with oneself.

Purchase a blank page journal/scribbler/doodle pad for daily "stream of consciousness" journaling. When you write, imagine that the words are streaming through your veins and out through your pen. Let the thoughts flow easily. No censorship.

Write 3 full pages--- first thing in the morning is best because we are still tapped into "that fluid, creative dream world." If nothing comes to mind, relax and write "Nothing comes to mind" and keep with writing that sentiment, and it will eventually shift to a new thought, like "Why is nothing coming to mind?... I've usually got lots on my mind...Hmm, now that's weird..." And on it goes and goes. Soon the thoughts are flowing.

If writing in the morning makes you sleepy, as it does me, switch to evening writing. This allows me to "let go of the day," find clarity and peace of mind--- It is my true "safe and effective" sleeping pill!

Also, note that legibility is not an issue as you do not bother to read the notes. This is a letting go, and opening up, process. You throw the writing away. It is literally "discharge."

This was a practice I learned years ago, through Julia Cameron's teachings, called "Morning Pages."  As she says, "
There is no wrong way to do Morning Pages– they are not high art. They are about anything and everything that crosses your mind– and they are for your eyes only."

You saw a few piles of my journals going up in flames in the film during a "letting go of the past" burning ceremony. I used this very personal writing exercise every day for a few years during an intense healing period--sometimes twice a day, morning AND night. Yes, I had a lot of "stuff' to sort through.

Through regular practice, I was able to identify areas of grief and "stuck-ness," resentments and pains, as well as my passions and joys. I found I could turn to this practice for calm and clarity, and it became a rich and expansive playground of wonder and possibility, re-igniting the glorious gift of curiosity and the joy of creative exploration and expression.  

Over time, I noticed an inner-spaciousness developing, allowing for gradual, but very tangible, changes to take place --where the world around me shifted and fell into a new order, a safe and comfortable order...and I really got to know, and appreciate,  ME. 

Recommended for more "reclaiming of self" and "igniting creativity": The Artist's Way Workbook, by Julia Cameron

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