Sunday, January 3, 2016

A Daily Practice for Cultivating Vitality


Here is a very helpful tool for "dealing with discharge"...By "discharge" I am referring to the stuff we carry around that we might not want to see, or might not even know exists, having tucked it away somewhere. The problem with "burying stuff" is that it still exists in the body somewhere--and will wreak havoc on our well-being if we don't allow it to be expressed.

Journaling is an empowering emotional support system you can turn to at any time...It is about creating a strong, kind, insightful best-friendship with oneself.

Purchase a blank page journal/scribbler/doodle pad for daily "stream of consciousness" journaling. When you write, imagine that the words are streaming through your veins and out through your pen. Let the thoughts flow easily. No censorship.

Write 3 full pages--- first thing in the morning is best because we are still tapped into "that fluid, creative dream world." If nothing comes to mind, relax and write "Nothing comes to mind" and keep with writing that sentiment, and it will eventually shift to a new thought, like "Why is nothing coming to mind?... I've usually got lots on my mind...Hmm, now that's weird..." And on it goes and goes. Soon the thoughts are flowing.

If writing in the morning makes you sleepy, as it does me, switch to evening writing. This allows me to "let go of the day," find clarity and peace of mind--- It is my true "safe and effective" sleeping pill!

Also, note that legibility is not an issue as you do not bother to read the notes. This is a letting go, and opening up, process. You throw the writing away. It is literally "discharge."

This was a practice I learned years ago, through Julia Cameron's teachings, called "Morning Pages."  As she says, "
There is no wrong way to do Morning Pages– they are not high art. They are about anything and everything that crosses your mind– and they are for your eyes only."

You saw a few piles of my journals going up in flames in the film during a "letting go of the past" burning ceremony. I used this very personal writing exercise every day for a few years during an intense healing period--sometimes twice a day, morning AND night. Yes, I had a lot of "stuff' to sort through.

Through regular practice, I was able to identify areas of grief and "stuck-ness," resentments and pains, as well as my passions and joys. I found I could turn to this practice for calm and clarity, and it became a rich and expansive playground of wonder and possibility, re-igniting the glorious gift of curiosity and the joy of creative exploration and expression.  

Over time, I noticed an inner-spaciousness developing, allowing for gradual, but very tangible, changes to take place --where the world around me shifted and fell into a new order, a safe and comfortable order...and I really got to know, and appreciate,  ME. 

Recommended for more "reclaiming of self" and "igniting creativity": The Artist's Way Workbook, by Julia Cameron

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