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WALK TALK DANCE SING: Questions for "Unraveling"

"Walk Talk Dance Sing" on Tour 

Walk Talk Dance Sing:  Unraveling My Hashimoto's Affair

Here are a few questions for personal journaling or your health group discussion to explore after viewing the film. These questions are based on the post show Q and A discussions at the live screening events: 
  • What person and/or message in the film resonates with you the most? Why?
  • Do you have a better understanding of your relationship with "Mr. Hashimoto?" What aspect of this relationship has been the most difficult for you? What have you learned from this affair? What do you notice about the dynamics of your relationships ( i.e. with food, people, work, "doctors," self) Do you notice a common theme to these relationships, i.e. are they kind, fulfilling, safe and/or nurturing or do they tend to be difficult, uncomfortable and/or challenging? 
  • What do you do on a regular basis to nurture and care for yourself? Do you do enough? If not, why?
  • What is the one thing you can do right now that will make a positive shift in your health? Are you willing/able to make this happen?  If not, from where/whom can you gain the support needed?
  • Do you have trouble voicing your concerns, needs, truths?  If so, what do you need to do in order to strengthen your voice/self? What "would you say" right now to better your current situation, to whom? how? and why? What can you do with this new awareness? 
  • What does health and vitality mean to you?  (Be as specific as possible.) Can you see it, believe it, feel it, and commit to this vision?  
  • Come up with 3 words that perfectly capture the feeling/vision you are creating (i.e strong, peaceful, relaxation, etc). Now, place these words/concepts in the "here and now" ( i.e. "I am ___" , or "I enjoy____" or ____is plentiful.") These are YOUR empowered Wellness Declarations. The power of affirmations comes only when you "feel the thought as real" --that is when there is genuine commitment and the energy starts to move in your favor, course through your veins, behaviors align with beliefs, and manifest in your world. ( Recommended reads: "Ask and It is Given" by Esther Hicks, and "The Power of Intention" by Wayne Dyer.)
  • What are your loves?  
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PS Should any of these questions create the need for deeper understanding and professional supportive counsel, as per the film, consider working with an Expressive Arts Therapist, a transpersonal heart-centered counselor, and/or exploring energetic healing therapies (such as Reiki,  Craniosacral Therapy, Network Spinal Analysis, meditation/breathwork)

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