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WALK TALK DANCE SING "Unraveling My Hashimoto's Affair"
A Film by Donna-Lynne Larson


"The human energy crisis known as 'thyroid disease' is not asking us to create a more effective pill. It is asking us to create more effective people."  -- Donna-Lynne Larson, producer/writer/director, Walk Talk Dance Sing

Global Reaction:
• "WOW! INCREDIBLE. This is a must-see film about Hashimoto's." - Dana Trentini,

• "WOW! Just wow! I felt so much watching this and quite frankly I haven't felt a lot in a long time." -thyroid patient

• "This film is amazing!! My Husband watched with me and he is stunned as to the truth to this film. Amazing portrayal!!" - thyroid patient

• "A powerful and captivating artistic portrayal of the Hashimoto's journey" -Dr. Wentz,

• "It is amazing, honest, REAL! A hell of a lot of courage, tenacity and conviction! Beautifully scored."- patient advocate

• "Wow this made me cry! Thank you, I know I'm not alone."- thyroid patient

"This documentary has an amazing way about bringing out the emotions many of us feel with Hashimoto's, as well as the transformative process that happens as we find our own way with the condition. " 

Feedback from viewers around the globe:

Beautiful Vibes from Merryn, a viewer in Australia: 

"As a Mum of 4 with Hashimotos I absolutely agreed with every facet of your film! 

I was a Naturopath for 12 years and had Hashimotos the whole time. I was soooo brainfried bringing up 4 kids even I couldn't do what was right for me. So I just took the Thyroxine and did the best I could with diet etc. 

I gave up being a Naturopath because I felt like a total fraud, I was sicker than my patients!!

I had the knowledge but was so depleted I couldn't physically or mentally do what I needed to do for more than a few days at a time!

There is so much guilt that comes with this disease. I feel like I'm constantly apologizing for myself, which I know just shuts me down even more.

I am really coming to understand the depth of the effects of suppressed emotions and not speaking our truths on the physical body.

I totally agree that Women are suffering because our modern lifestyles and unrealistic ideas of what it is to be a Woman has caused a huge disconnect within ourselves.

Rediscovering my creativity and putting myself first without guilt is really helping me find balance.

Thank you for making this film, it made me feel less alone. I am recommending this to lots of my family (who also suffer) and friends. Xx"  

---Merryn, Murrayville, Victoria, AU

Also, to add: "I did try every endocrinologist, specialist etc. every natural supplement but at the end of the day I truly believe my true healing can only come from within. I'm learning to love myself back to health!!"

More feedback: 


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PS: Some informative fun at a film screening which took place in Squamish BC. 
Read more here!

Here's the "Walk Talk Dance Sing" Soundtrack!: 

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