Thursday, August 25, 2016

Stay the Course

Lisa, student, Integral Movement Program with Donna-Lynne Larson,

Unraveling... and Reorganizing...

I have been committed to all of the modalities that I've adopted on my wellness path for several years. As much as I really wanted to see major changes overnight so I could get back to "the hectic busy lifestyle" that plays a part in all this un-wellness, I have found that it "takes time and discipline to unravel the layers"...

My journaling practice has been consistent for over 10 years, my yoga/movement/meditation practice has deepened/refined significantly over the last 20 years,  my food choices have shifted through education and much trial and error, likewise my "ingrained beliefs" have shifted over time, through wise counsel, somatic movement therapies, and expressive arts, and with much dedication:

I have had to become as dedicated to all the things that are of benefit to me as I was to the things that had been harming me.

I have had to let go of my biggest obstacle: my addiction to "noticeable quick fixes,"--which causes frustration and the tendency to fall back on comfortable unhealthy behaviors (and the tempting, but clearly out-dated, notion that we need only reach for a pill to feel better).

Instead, I've come to appreciate the fact that any time I adopt a helpful new action or discipline things do begin to change immediately, (things are ALWAYS changing). These are often subtle changes, and I am getting much better at sensing these changes as I connect more deeply and get more "in-tune."

I've learned that at different points I will run into a "healing crisis," where it will feel like I've taken one step forward, and suddenly two steps back. This is all part of the process.

This usually means that there is re-wiring, or some discharge--physically, mentally, emotionally and/or spiritually-- and this is happening in order to clear the way and allow me to re-set and reorganize.

I've learned that the setback is only temporary---progress does come and these subtle changes will start to make a noticeable difference as they deepen and add-up over time.

Every once in a while, an outside source will bring these changes into greater focus for me, as was the case when I ran into two former work-mates recently, whom I had not seen in over seven years. They both looked at me, listened to me, and said, "Wow, you are so calm, and clear. You are glowing."

I had no idea that I had moved into "the glow zone!"

So, yes, fresh new pathways do emerge.

Things glow again.


Photo credit: Sophie, "Unraveling," Integral Movement Program with Donna-Lynne Larson,​

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