Monday, October 23, 2017

You have to pull those weeds out.

Today's Unraveling Wellness Mull: Pulling Weeds

When we "plant" the blame for Hashimoto's on things like gut issues, adrenal fatigue, hormonal imbalance, antibiotic use, gluten, etc, we are hovering over the symptomatic superficial surface. The ROOT of all these issues lies much deeper.

When we dig in and look deeper, we see very clearly where all this dis-ease stems from.

For example:

When we ask WHY are there these "gut destroying bulimic tendencies" plaguing so many women, we see a root of control issues, perfectionism, self-loathing, and fear.

When we ask WHY of hormonal imbalance, we see the ugly root of an environment bombarded with estrogen and bizarre chemicals, and again, when we ask WHY is this happening, we see haphazardness, greed, and a disconnect from the harmonious ways of Mother Nature.

Likewise, we see the use of birth control pills that obliterate the female cycle with the synthetic disruption of natural hormonal health, and when we ask WHY is there this willingness to shut-down this natural flow, we see another unconscious disconnect-- a lack of reverence and respect for the powerful female energetic system.

When we ask WHY is gluten wreaking havoc on human beings, we see that it is human beings that wreaked havoc on gluten, making it an unrecognizable alien food form-- a gross exercise in haphazardness, greed, and the fear of lack.

When we ask WHY the over-use of antibiotics and other pharmaceutical chemicals, we see a society hooked on sickly lifestyles and demanding speedy-fixes and a "health care" system that, in its own equal laziness and greediness, obliges by obliterating one ailment only to set patients up for more dis-ease-- which is "neither healthy nor caring" --and when we ask WHY is this happening, we see a firmly rooted arrogant and ignorant disregard for our shared "non-hierarchical" humanity.

When we ask WHY are adrenal glands burning out, we see people living in a chronic state of "fight or flight or freeze," with angry defensiveness as the standard response to life matters, and when we ask WHY is that happening, we see a world rooted in unacknowledged trauma, struggle and strife, push and pull, ruled by fear.

It is the answers to all of these questions, and many more "rooted beliefs," that we are called to address: these are "the twisted, tangled weeds we need to pull out" in order to eradicate the spread of dis-ease.

If we choose not to, by pretending we don't see what we see and don't know what we know, it stands to reason that the infected roots will deepen, the weeded path widen, and the dis-ease will flourish.

This is the evolutionary "unraveling" story of "Walk Talk Dance Sing."

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

Photo credit: Jen, Integral Movement, featured in WTDS
Photo quote: Deni Roman,, Master Iyengar Yoga Teacher and Wellness coach, with a history of Thyroid Disease, featured in "Walk Talk Dance Sing"

To vibrant health, Bea True

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Unraveling the Hashimoto's Affair: The Damsel in Distress

Donna-Lynne Larson, director/writer/producer
Walk Talk Dance Sing

An Unraveling Wellness Mull...
Giving one's power away:

"The Damsel in Distress may be the oldest female archetype in all of popular literature and the movies. She is always beautiful, vulnerable, and in need of rescue, specifically by a Knight and, once rescued, she is taken care of in lavish style. When disappointed, a Damsel must go through a process of empowerment and learn to take care of herself in the world. The shadow side of this archetype mistakenly teaches old patriarchal views that women are weak and teaches them to be helpless and in need of protection. It leads a woman to expect to have someone else who will fight her battles for her while she remains devoted and physically attractive and concealed in the castle. Many women still expect to marry a man who will give them a castle and take of them. And some men are raised to expect to do this."
-- Caroline Myss

It's pretty obvious that the classic "damsel in distress" psychology is being played out in this Hashimoto's-affair. This is a deeply-ingrained generational pattern learned very early on (hello, Cinderella),  downloaded directly to the psyche, and few of us "modern, progressive, liberated grown-up women" will admit to being afflicted---and most of us certainly are not conscious of it. I know I wasn't.

But, clearly, a large percentage of the masses still play into this archetype very strongly to this day, the "sweeping romantic fantasy" always looking to be fulfilled.

It's particularly evident around this "mostly female" health issue--an "affair," as revealed in "Walk Talk Dance Sing," that is demanding our female energy rise-up and express itself, in order to "balance the system" (both the individual's system and, subsequently, that of the entire earth collective).

Instead, we hear the anxious ongoing rally cry, the age-old mantra: "They (preferably tall, dark and handsome HE) will fix this!"

And of course, if we are always in need of fixing, we will continue to look for things to fix, so we can, as per the archetype, "be rescued and taken care of."

This is the pattern in action.

It is the embedded belief that the "promising savior" is going to make everything OK for ME.

Let's be real: with the archetype in play, it stands to reason that if we fix this issue,  there will be another one to fix following close behind. It must be this way in order to fulfill the fantasy, where "the allure of the safe elegant castle" becomes more intoxicating than the realization of personal fulfillment, ease, and contentment.

Keep in mind that for every Damsel in Distress there is a Knight in Shining Armour---this is a classic male archetype.

The romance is destined to go on....and on.

Without realizing how essentially degrading and destructive this really is, we bow down with awe to the (self-anointed?) "thyroid doc rock stars," (hello, Prince Charming), and we weep at their feet and hail them as mighty and brave (and, under the dreamy influence, we find ourselves buying whatever it is they are selling.  I mean, who can resist?)

We need only look at our top ranking "mainstream Hollywood-ish" doctors and their audiences and we can see the love in action---check out our ever-suave Dr. Oz , the ever-knowing Dr. Phil, and the ever-virtuous Dr. Mercola with their (beautifully ailing) female fan clubs of MILLIONS. ( Do these men really have a stronger grasp on the female body and mind then say our much less popular female practitioners?)

HE will save us!

He MUST save us!

In what I have deemed "ThyroidLand," (essentially the land of "thyroid commerce"), there are male physicians and "specialists" who have marketed their way to the front of this female issue, suited-up nicely and sitting at the front of "expert panels," dutifully taking on their role: They convincingly "tell" us "what we need, how we feel, and how to fix it."

Well-intentioned though they may be, (I see it as primarily self-serving), these male doctors will never understand the female physiology and experience as well as a female will. It's simply not possible.

Consciously or unconsciously,  Prince Charming is given full permission to "take the lead," swirling us around the dance floor, so smooth, so smart, so strong, so sexy.

"Here, follow me, this way," he assures us, "Don't worry, I've got you."



(Cue the Eyelash flutter)

Oh yes, you had us at hello.

All I can say is, "Well played, gentlemen, well played."


(Personally, I find dancing in corsets and glass slippers to be extremely uncomfortable.)


The film "Walk Talk Dance Sing" is here

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More from Caroline Myss on Female Archetypes

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Where do those without support end up?

(including functional med, naturopathic docs, specialists, etc)

"The Buddy System" is the most POWERFUL PETITIONING we can all do right now.

It ensures your voice is being heard, plus you have a back-up voice on your behalf , and someone is taking helpful notes for later review---plus, as I have experienced, you'll also see your doctor perk-up and get quite animated and much more involved. (Accountability is a wonderful thing.)

It just doesn't make sense for anyone to see a health practitioner by themselves EVER. Anyone visiting a doctor/practitioner is there because he or she is unwell and vulnerable and, as many of us have discovered quite unexpectedly, medicine/health care today can be a very dangerous business.

Unlike medicine of yesteryear, doctors today are armed with an arsenal of drugs--and they are quick to prescribe them, as we know. (see: /big-pharma-now-kills-more-people-than-illegal-drugs/)

Shocking, and not, thyroid patients make up a HUGE portion of the "daily bread and butter" for most doctors. Two previous doctors of mine told me that 50% of their business was thyroid related. They rely on repeat customers, and they are quite happy with the current turn-style system. Why change a good thing?

I have also met many in the "holistic medicine biz" who are equally "sketchy"---they too have concoctions and protocols for "health" that can quite often lead to dangerous (and expensive) outcomes.

Also, in the spirit of keeping this very real, we have also seen countless people walk away from appointments without any positive resolution and resorting to "imploding stressful frustration" (making them sicker!). They are "stuck" expressing this anger to outside sources --including social media where Facebook pages are packed with ongoing woes and lamenting.

The result being that nothing really changes and the victimization "loop" continues --which further points to the powerlessness inherent to the dis-ease itself.

I know that, in my case, had I not eventually thought to include my partner on this confusing journey, and slowed down the "rush to drugs," I would be led to believe I had all sorts of disorders and syndromes and conditions---and today I would be hopped up on a dizzying concoction of several toxic pharmaceutical drugs.  It was imperative that I had someone to research and weigh things out with me, and really focus on ME, and take the time to figure out what actually made sense!

It took us some time, and much grief and suffering, to unravel and unhook many ingrained beliefs about the system itself, ( I was conditioned to believe my doctor was God-like), as well as to learn to "stand up and speak clearly for what is right and humane."

As the saying goes, "Just because that's the way it's always been done, doesn't mean it's right."

I believe that this "buddying up" should now be mandatory, the "new normal."

In fact, it is surprising to me that doctors don't require this of their patients. It only serves to ensure their instructions are being understood and that their patient is being well cared for---which is the doctors' top concern...right?

I know for a fact that when an advocate is present the doctor will be MUCH MORE attentive and thorough. He or she might still be completely incompetent regarding thyroid issues and HEALTH, but at least now there is a sounding board present to witness and review this incompetency with you, so you don't walk away thinking it's you who's at fault!

 As one example, of many, when I expressed to my doctor early on that I did not think Synthroid was right for me, her reply was, "Well, I have many patients taking it, and they are ALL just fine." I left feeling as though I was disappointing her, like I must be "the worst patient EVER"--just what I needed: more guilt! I know that had I dug deeper, a good number of those "fine patients" are quite likely not expressing themselves and are quite likely accommodating on-going symptoms with more drugs.

I've met some of those "feelin" fine" Synthroid people and they are led to believe that "their thyroid is fine" because the lab values say so!, so they are then led to believe that all their other symptoms are completely unrelated to their autoimmune issue, and therefore they are in need of MORE DRUGS. This is another sick loop that keeps patients spinning round and round.

And, to add to this, there is the fact that ALL in the health care industry say they are overworked, stretched to the limit, and this of course leads to rushed, often mismanaged, patient care. Although they are well-intentioned, this lack of resources and haphazardness ALWAYS leads to mistakes. An advocate can help to ensure medications and protocols are followed and properly executed. ( Let's not forget that hospital errors rank among the top three causes of death in the US,)

Now is a good time to BUDDY-UP!

There are just way too many people, mostly women, sitting in doctors' offices, in the middle of the afternoon, day in and day out, with no progress, and no hope.

Tell everyone you know to do this.

Take your partner, a neighbor, a co-worker, or reach out to a thyroid/women's health group in your area and ask for a buddy/support.

It works like this:

We don't take new action....and we don't see new outcomes.

We take new action ....we see new outcomes.

By "buddying-up" we stop victimization and end martyrdom.

We make no more excuses.

We bypass the nonsense.

We honor self-worth, dignity, and integrity.

Teaming up for health demonstrates tremendous commitment, resolve, courage and conviction.

It sends the message to Big Business that we mean BIG BUSINESS.


This is critically important...


As I write this, and as you read this, I know from my own experience that "someone somewhere" has just left a doctor's office, alone, with a careless and potentially dangerous prescription, a blow to her hope and prosperity, and tears streaming down her cheeks....


"Walk Talk Dance Sing" : available to view on  Reelhouse

PS I am happy to visit appts with anyone in the Vancouver or Grande Prairie area who needs an advocate. Feel free to PM me here any time.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

The psyche talks easily through art expression.

THE PSYCHE is the totality of the human mind, conscious and unconscious (and subconscious).  It is the "unconscious mind" where all of our memories and past experiences reside, and art expression ( painting, music, poetry, dance, etc) can reveal this personal storehouse and help us see things with new clarity, and "unravel," leading us to the root of dis-comfort, dis-connection, dis-ease.

The unconscious mind stores the memories that have been repressed through trauma and those that have simply been consciously forgotten and no longer important to us (automatic thoughts). It’s from these memories and experiences that our beliefs, feelings, habits, and behaviors are formed (the stories that ultimately run our lives.)  Keep in mind that most of what is stored here was programmed in early life, before the age of  seven. The unconscious-self is where a wealth of whole health information resides, ready to be revealed and healed through expressive arts and other "energetic wellness modalities," opening pathways and the restoration of energy and  freedom.

An Expressive Art Therapist is a skilled counselor and compassionate witness to the growth of each individual. This witness, creating a safe and nurturing space, helps to bring the necessary clarity and understanding to each individual's holistic health journey.

Photo: Sophie Babeanu, Expressive Art Therapist,
featured speaker,  "Walk Talk Dance Sing"...

Always, Bea True

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Unraveling my affair with Mr. Hashimoto

Unraveling My Hashimoto's Affair:

Many of you have told me how much you have connected with the "relationship metaphor with Mr. Hashimoto," which is original to, and woven through, "Walk Talk Dance Sing"-- revealing the "romantic" layers to this health affair (swoon, ;) )

This seemed a perfect fit as I was crafting this script and looking for ways to "humanize this issue." I wanted to avoid stifling this issue further with a strictly "medical and technical 'numbers' experience."(We all know how helpful that has been!)

Instead, I chose to get to THE HEART of the matter using a creative narrative, with imagery that allowed for a more visceral viewing experience.

The "hashi-relationship" shows up in many ways in WTDS, including the relationship to "doctors and the system," relationship to the dis-ease itself, and our relationship with ourselves--highlighting where we experience the abuser/enabler dynamics of :
  • silence, 
  • "obedience"
  • removal from society/isolation/dwindling confidence 
  • self-loathing/guilt/shame
  • dishonesty 
  • disconnection
  • pain
  • and fear.
Leaving us with the burning question: where is the Love?

I created this powerful metaphor of a relationship with Mr. Hashimoto as a means of elucidating how we initially "externalize" this health issue and remain dis-empowered. We imagine we are somehow "disconnected" from it, as though we somehow "caught a flu bug" or "it's a genetic thing to which we are powerless victims."

 As I see online thyroid pages adopt this "personalization of the disease process" and offer their take on Mr. Hashimoto,  I am compelled to preserve and protect the original progressive WELLNESS intent and integrity of the metaphor and the genuine message:

This wellness journey is one of ENDING the relationship, recognizing the patterns of "blame, anger, complaining, and co-dependency," and taking full ownership/responsibility for the relationship one has with ONESELF.

This is all about "evolution" and NOT remaining stuck in the belief that anything OUTSIDE of oneself is the cause or the answer, moving beyond the deeply ingrained "Damsel in distress" archetype.

As Dr. Gabor Mate so perfectly states: We are not to "blame" for our condition, we are not "at fault" here, we did not willingly/knowingly bring it on, but we are RESPONSIBLE (Response-Able)."


A "very passionate" viewer writes:
"This is the most awesome video! It touched me deeply! The presentation is ingenious & it drew me in further with each chapter!. By the end, I felt like I had connected with so much of the pain I held within the cells of my body which is no doubt a huge trigger for my Hashi's! Thank you so much!"

Read: excerpt from "When the Body Says No" by Dr. Gabor Mate
View Walk Talk Dance Sing

"Mr.Hashimoto," the original tune, from the WTDS Soundtrack.

Photo credit: Donna-Lynne Larson, writer/director/hashi patient, WTDS: "I'm ready for my solo part now."--as shared by voice coach/therapist,  Julie Blue, featured speaker in WTDS

Sunday, July 2, 2017

We create understanding through understanding...

The Empowered Wellness Path:

Many people with Hashimoto's feel frustrated that others "don't get it."

"They just don't understand what I'm going through!!" many exclaim, over and over.

So many people are just  so "sick and tired" of no one understanding!

See the familiar pattern at play?

Yes, it is a pattern.

And it doesn't serve in any way.

This "sick and tired" pattern loves to be sick and tired about everything.
Donna-Lynne Larson performs in
the original stage play about thyroid disease. 

"Nobody understands!" has become a rally cry, an energized victim anthem for all involved.

Clearly, if we've been telling them over and over, and they still don't grasp what's happening, we must be taking the wrong approach. As we all know, we can't keep doing the same thing over and over and expect a different result.

As well, we can't simply "expect" people to understand our journey if they've never walked this path.

I mean, do we understand everyone else's journey?

Do we even fully understand our own journey?

There's good reason they don't understand.

With this in mind, it's very possible we haven't created a good opportunity for understanding.

It's become very clear that we are being called to act out in new ways, to find a new means of expression and communcation.

From a human/psychological point of view, when we are telling the people who care about us about all the struggles we are going through, believe it or not, as I've learned from my family and friends, it frightens them, probably as much as it frightens us.

"I can't get out of bed!, I'm useless, I'm achy, My hair is falling out!, I feel terrible, I have a crappy doctor! What happened to my eyelashes!?"

That's a "negative affirmation" song and dance many of us get stuck playing over and over.

To confuse matters, in the next breath we are heroically moaning, "I'm fine, never mind about me, I'll surviiiive."

We throw in the classic martyr mixed-message to make things even more difficult to understand.

If we are to be honest, even when there is some progress and a bit of relief shows up, we STILL tend to default to the negative--because there is always something to be "sick and tired" about. This dis-ease pattern RELIES ON this sort of heavy, doom-full thinking in order to thrive.

(And take note: it's a talk-track children will absorb and integrate very quickly, setting up a dis-ease pattern that plays on.)

Think about how you would feel hearing about all this doom and gloom. You might feel helpless, saddened, confused, unable to be of service, even responsible, and this would ultimately cause you to judge, ignore or block the information, and withdraw---act out in ways that are unintentionally hurtful to the person you care about.

We end up with the opposite effect of what we are really hoping for when we continue to lament our woes over and over in this dis-ease perpetuating way.

We are not INVITING PEOPLE into the story in order to change it--we are actually holding them at bay, especially if we are using accusatory tones in our ineffectual quest for understanding. (Perhaps because subconsciously we are not yet prepared to change it? We only understand "sick and tired?")

Rather than putting our friends and family in that position, and in order to end our own challenging obsession with the victim loop of "rehashing all our struggles," we need to tell everyone the things WE ARE DOING to regain our health and vitality and ask if they can think of ways that they might be able to support us.

Maybe they can help with food preparation, or attend doctor visits with us, or give us foot rubs!

Everyone loves to feel needed and helpful.

This approach, an approach asking us "to voice our needs" without carrying guilt and the martyr-complex, and to rise up in honor of our own self-worth, will affirm a deeper commitment to making progress by allowing others inside a WELLNESS WORLD, not deepening our commitment to a sick world.

Instead of committing everyone to the "we're-all-stuck-in-my-sick-story," a real, definite, clear plan-of-action swings into motion.

We move out of the victimization that keeps this story stuck and stale.

We SING a new tune and we get a new DANCE.

Everyone starts to move forward.

This approach empowers everyone, energizes the movement towards wellness, and "ends the Hashimoto's affair."

Photo: Integral Movement, Expressive Arts with Donna-Lynne, Walk Talk Dance Sing is here:

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

I hear a lot of people talk about fighting disease.

Integral Movement with Donna-Lynne Larson, Vancouver BC, Canada 

Keeping it real:

A dis-ease of any kind is a contracted, hurt, wounded state...right?

When one has dis-ease, any sort of dis-ease, one is in a state of discomfort, dysfunction, aches, fatigue, and/or pain.

That sounds true....Yes?

Then why do the thyroid "advocates," and every single "health expert," continue, every single day, to promote messages like:




This is nuts.

Let's stop and think about this clearly:

When you were a child, if you were sick and your mother punched you instead of hugging you, would that make you feel better?

Of course not.

You're not going to feel better if she punches you, kicks you, or yells at you. Chances are you will actually feel worse!

Fighting dis-ease only ensures more of it.

Those who continue to push these unkind messages are still fast asleep.

I do not subscribe to most "wellness" sites, including "the biggies," because they continue to promote the "fight" message--a stressful message counter to wellness creation. Their message is not congruent.  They themselves are out of alignment. 

They simply have not woken up.

They are caught in society's (unconscious) deep fascination with fighting everything:We fight traffic, fight a cold, fight the clock, fight bad weather, fight bad breath, fight the system, fight inflation, fight "the Man," fight line-ups, fight a fever, fight for our rights!, fight discrimination, fight for position, fight aging (!?), fight cancer, fight poverty, fight terrorism ( !?), fight for answers, fight with our hair, fight our demons, fight depression, fight off bugs, fight off the feeling, fight the urge, fight our weight, fight crime, fight traffic, fight pollution...

It's pretty obvious that the go-to modus operandi for our "modern" world is FIGHT.

It's also pretty obvious that it's NOT BEEN WORKING VERY WELL at all.

These "fight promoters" GROW MORE dis-ease every single time they post their messages, memes and marketing propaganda of aggression, violence, attack, cruelty, and war.

Which is not at all what we want...right?

I mean, if your body is attacking itself, isn't that proof enough that it's time to stop all the fighting?

Isn't fighting an indication that one is in, per Walk Talk Dance Sing, "a defensive physiological state"? A state of chronic fear?

Shouldn't we be easing up? Calming down? Chilling out? Taking a breather? Resting?

Don't fight disease. 


Which does not mean we "give up". It means we "give over"...we offer the body the opportunity to do other things besides fight: 
Process. Understand, Function, Signal, Inform, Talk, Excel, Clean, Reset, Trust, Align, Focus, Ease , Dance, Sing, Celebrate. 

When you come across these FIGHT postings or messages from medical practitioners or online "advocates" or charity campaigns or neighbors or thyroid patients or your own thoughts, consider the intention behind the messages very carefully:

Only those who still "BELIEVE IN DIS-EASE" will encourage people to fight.

The challenge set before all of us surrounded by this angry fight culture - with millions of people having actually physically manifested this fight-- is to courageously rally for the SANITY of the true power forces, like Kindness, Respect, and Gentleness.

What would happen if we allowed these to become our modus operandi?

What if we had the audacity to say, "No, I am not going to fight anymore. I lay down my arms."


“Love in your mind produces love in your life. This is the meaning of heaven.Fear in your mind produces fear in your life. This is the meaning of hell.” ― Marianne WilliamsonA Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of "A Course in Miracles"

#LoveHeals #BeGentle #BeKind #UnravelSickIdeas  #ThyroidMovie

Walk Talk Dance Sing: the movie about thyroid disease and Unraveling Deeply Embedded Dis-eased Values

Always, Bea True!


Wednesday, January 11, 2017

WALK TALK DANCE SING: Questions for "Unraveling"

"Walk Talk Dance Sing" on Tour 

Walk Talk Dance Sing:  Unraveling My Hashimoto's Affair

Here are a few questions for personal journaling or your health group discussion to explore after viewing the film. These questions are based on the post show Q and A discussions at the live screening events: 
  • What person and/or message in the film resonates with you the most? Why?
  • Do you have a better understanding of your relationship with "Mr. Hashimoto?" What aspect of this relationship has been the most difficult for you? What have you learned from this affair? What do you notice about the dynamics of your relationships ( i.e. with food, people, work, "doctors," self) Do you notice a common theme to these relationships, i.e. are they kind, fulfilling, safe and/or nurturing or do they tend to be difficult, uncomfortable and/or challenging? 
  • What do you do on a regular basis to nurture and care for yourself? Do you do enough? If not, why?
  • What is the one thing you can do right now that will make a positive shift in your health? Are you willing/able to make this happen?  If not, from where/whom can you gain the support needed?
  • Do you have trouble voicing your concerns, needs, truths?  If so, what do you need to do in order to strengthen your voice/self? What "would you say" right now to better your current situation, to whom? how? and why? What can you do with this new awareness? 
  • What does health and vitality mean to you?  (Be as specific as possible.) Can you see it, believe it, feel it, and commit to this vision?  
  • Come up with 3 words that perfectly capture the feeling/vision you are creating (i.e strong, peaceful, relaxation, etc). Now, place these words/concepts in the "here and now" ( i.e. "I am ___" , or "I enjoy____" or ____is plentiful.") These are YOUR empowered Wellness Declarations. The power of affirmations comes only when you "feel the thought as real" --that is when there is genuine commitment and the energy starts to move in your favor, course through your veins, behaviors align with beliefs, and manifest in your world. ( Recommended reads: "Ask and It is Given" by Esther Hicks, and "The Power of Intention" by Wayne Dyer.)
  • What are your loves?  
Walk Talk Dance Sing is here  
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PS Should any of these questions create the need for deeper understanding and professional supportive counsel, as per the film, consider working with an Expressive Arts Therapist, a transpersonal heart-centered counselor, and/or exploring energetic healing therapies (such as Reiki,  Craniosacral Therapy, Network Spinal Analysis, meditation/breathwork)

More on "cultivating vitality through journaling"

Always, Bea True