Friday, May 19, 2017

"Walk Talk Dance Sing" Wellness Mulls...

Special Announcement:

You might be wondering why most of my many posts from this page and my Facebook page are no longer available at the moment.

My writings of the last 3 years, related to the film "Walk Talk Dance Sing," will be consolidated into a very special video format for all to enjoy!

These are the posts I have created daily, based on all the wellness research, inspirations, and explorations that have moved me forward. I had no intention at the outset to put these all together into a compliation. I was simply expressing my "passionate revelations" in the moment. It wasn't until a colleague pointed out that I had created quite a prolific collection of musings and insights that I realized the enormity of the teachings and writings I had shared.  She recommended that this body of work be compiled and offered as an entertaining and enlightening supplement to the film--a source for deeper understanding and encouragement.

As we began to dig into the work I have done, literally thousands of hours of "mulling," we quickly realized that this will be a very progressive and timeless resource truly unlike any other "health and wellness" offering on the market today.

With hundreds of articles to choose from, we have selected the most potent and popular writings and there are currently fifty original pieces in editing mode.

I will keep you posted as this comes into being! Along with the richness of the film, I am excited to be creating this unique and empowering "Walk Talk Dance Sing" appendum for all who seek vitality and joy.

More info to come...

--Donna-Lynne, writer, director, "Walk Talk Dance Sing, " Artistic Director,

PS To be informed as to the completion of this project, send an email request here to be added to the list.

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