Tuesday, June 27, 2017

I hear a lot of people talk about fighting disease.

Integral Movement with Donna-Lynne Larson, Vancouver BC, Canada 

Keeping it real:

A dis-ease of any kind is a contracted, hurt, wounded state...right?

When one has dis-ease, any sort of dis-ease, one is in a state of discomfort, dysfunction, aches, fatigue, and/or pain.

That sounds true....Yes?

Then why do the thyroid "advocates," and every single "health expert," continue, every single day, to promote messages like:




This is nuts.

Let's stop and think about this clearly:

When you were a child, if you were sick and your mother punched you instead of hugging you, would that make you feel better?

Of course not.

You're not going to feel better if she punches you, kicks you, or yells at you. Chances are you will actually feel worse!

Fighting dis-ease only ensures more of it.

Those who continue to push these unkind messages are still fast asleep.

I do not subscribe to most "wellness" sites, including "the biggies," because they continue to promote the "fight" message--a stressful message counter to wellness creation. Their message is not congruent.  They themselves are out of alignment. 

They simply have not woken up.

They are caught in society's (unconscious) deep fascination with fighting everything:We fight traffic, fight a cold, fight the clock, fight bad weather, fight bad breath, fight the system, fight inflation, fight "the Man," fight line-ups, fight a fever, fight for our rights!, fight discrimination, fight for position, fight aging (!?), fight cancer, fight poverty, fight terrorism ( !?), fight for answers, fight with our hair, fight our demons, fight depression, fight off bugs, fight off the feeling, fight the urge, fight our weight, fight crime, fight traffic, fight pollution...

It's pretty obvious that the go-to modus operandi for our "modern" world is FIGHT.

It's also pretty obvious that it's NOT BEEN WORKING VERY WELL at all.

These "fight promoters" GROW MORE dis-ease every single time they post their messages, memes and marketing propaganda of aggression, violence, attack, cruelty, and war.

Which is not at all what we want...right?

I mean, if your body is attacking itself, isn't that proof enough that it's time to stop all the fighting?

Isn't fighting an indication that one is in, per Walk Talk Dance Sing, "a defensive physiological state"? A state of chronic fear?

Shouldn't we be easing up? Calming down? Chilling out? Taking a breather? Resting?

Don't fight disease. 


Which does not mean we "give up". It means we "give over"...we offer the body the opportunity to do other things besides fight: 
Process. Understand, Function, Signal, Inform, Talk, Excel, Clean, Reset, Trust, Align, Focus, Ease , Dance, Sing, Celebrate. 

When you come across these FIGHT postings or messages from medical practitioners or online "advocates" or charity campaigns or neighbors or thyroid patients or your own thoughts, consider the intention behind the messages very carefully:

Only those who still "BELIEVE IN DIS-EASE" will encourage people to fight.

The challenge set before all of us surrounded by this angry fight culture - with millions of people having actually physically manifested this fight-- is to courageously rally for the SANITY of the true power forces, like Kindness, Respect, and Gentleness.

What would happen if we allowed these to become our modus operandi?

What if we had the audacity to say, "No, I am not going to fight anymore. I lay down my arms."


“Love in your mind produces love in your life. This is the meaning of heaven.Fear in your mind produces fear in your life. This is the meaning of hell.” ― Marianne WilliamsonA Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of "A Course in Miracles"

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Walk Talk Dance Sing: the movie about thyroid disease and Unraveling Deeply Embedded Dis-eased Values

Always, Bea True!