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Unraveling my affair with Mr. Hashimoto

Unraveling My Hashimoto's Affair:

Many of you have told me how much you have connected with the "relationship metaphor with Mr. Hashimoto," which is original to, and woven through, "Walk Talk Dance Sing"-- revealing the "romantic" layers to this health affair (swoon, ;) )

This seemed a perfect fit as I was crafting this script and looking for ways to "humanize this issue." I wanted to avoid stifling this issue further with a strictly "medical and technical 'numbers' experience."(We all know how helpful that has been!)

Instead, I chose to get to THE HEART of the matter using a creative narrative, with imagery that allowed for a more visceral viewing experience.

The "hashi-relationship" shows up in many ways in WTDS, including the relationship to "doctors and the system," relationship to the dis-ease itself, and our relationship with ourselves--highlighting where we experience the abuser/enabler dynamics of :
  • silence, 
  • "obedience"
  • removal from society/isolation/dwindling confidence 
  • self-loathing/guilt/shame
  • dishonesty 
  • disconnection
  • pain
  • and fear.
Leaving us with the burning question: where is the Love?

I created this powerful metaphor of a relationship with Mr. Hashimoto as a means of elucidating how we initially "externalize" this health issue and remain dis-empowered. We imagine we are somehow "disconnected" from it, as though we somehow "caught a flu bug" or "it's a genetic thing to which we are powerless victims."

 As I see online thyroid pages adopt this "personalization of the disease process" and offer their take on Mr. Hashimoto,  I am compelled to preserve and protect the original progressive WELLNESS intent and integrity of the metaphor and the genuine message:

This wellness journey is one of ENDING the relationship, recognizing the patterns of "blame, anger, complaining, and co-dependency," and taking full ownership/responsibility for the relationship one has with ONESELF.

This is all about "evolution" and NOT remaining stuck in the belief that anything OUTSIDE of oneself is the cause or the answer, moving beyond the deeply ingrained "Damsel in distress" archetype.

As Dr. Gabor Mate so perfectly states: We are not to "blame" for our condition, we are not "at fault" here, we did not willingly/knowingly bring it on, but we are RESPONSIBLE (Response-Able)."


A "very passionate" viewer writes:
"This is the most awesome video! It touched me deeply! The presentation is ingenious & it drew me in further with each chapter!. By the end, I felt like I had connected with so much of the pain I held within the cells of my body which is no doubt a huge trigger for my Hashi's! Thank you so much!"

Read: excerpt from "When the Body Says No" by Dr. Gabor Mate
View Walk Talk Dance Sing

"Mr.Hashimoto," the original tune, from the WTDS Soundtrack.

Photo credit: Donna-Lynne Larson, writer/director/hashi patient, WTDS: "I'm ready for my solo part now."--as shared by voice coach/therapist,  Julie Blue, featured speaker in WTDS

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