About Bea True

Bea True is the main character from my book, "This is what IT feels like" A True Tale about Thyroid Disease.  (Currently out of stock)

Bea and I have been navigating our way along the healing path, going beyond the superficial and widely accepted myths. "We"are all about raising awareness, deepening understanding and finding a new positive vision for this health epidemic called thyroid disease.

My feature docu-drama about thyroid disease, "walk talk dance sing," is now available online. This film will be of assistance to all of you who are struggling and looking for answers, and of tremendous benefit to your loved ones, employers, and yes, even your doctors.

I've removed most of my earlier posts since completing the film as the film tells the story most effectively, and my creative voice has changed over time. I  have kept only a few previous posts up including, "One Day I Stopped Taking Synthroid," as this post generates a great deal of interest from readers.
My work is all about MOVING FORWARD.

You can message me here.

warmest regards,
Donna-Lynne Larson
aka Bea True

MORE about Donna-Lynne at  www.studiowild.ca

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