THE HASHIMOTO'S PROJECT: walk talk dance sing


Our acclaimed indie docu-drama,  "walk talk dance sing," is now available to the general public. This is the story of thyroid disease and much more.

Here's to raising awareness, deepening understanding, and setting a new vision.

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About: This raw, real, and artsy docu-drama, made by a Hashimoto's patient, takes a moving look at thyroid disease from the patients' perspective. Made with a modest budget, and countless volunteer hours, this informative and provocative film raises public awareness and deepens our understanding, while also setting the stage for a shift towards ending this insidious health epidemic.

A few reviews:
"Wow...just wow, words don't have to be loud to express how deep the feeling and thoughts go - this is an ocean." - thyroid patient

"A powerful and captivating artistic portrayal of the Hashimoto's journey" -Dr. Wentz, thyroidpharmacist

 "Wow this made me cry! Thank you, I know I'm not alone."- thyroid patient

 "Thank you so much for bringing light, not only to Hashimoto's, but to the many women (and men) who have had to live in the isolated shadows caused by ignorance and illness.", Author of "You're Not Crazy and You're Not Alone"

The "walk talk dance sing soundtrack" with "MR. HASHIMOTO" is now available, right here!

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